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Sprites~: A Bunch of Sprites~

by AzureEdge

048.png 48.png 062 (1).png 062.png 96.png 97.png Custom 1.png Kaito Sprite.png Lady.png Tux.png
AzureEdge I think I improved, a bit. Most of these are recolors of some sort, but I tried making a custom sprite, which was a bit harder than I thought. I'd like some commentary on how I can make these better~
  1. obey_jaidon
    Very nice!
    Apr 10, 2015
    AzureEdge likes this.
  2. Ghostly-Hedgehog
    Keep up the good work!:up::D
    Jan 1, 2015
    AzureEdge likes this.
  3. CombuskenBrazil
    I like the Fedora guy... And are better you use colors that... Hum... Give better shadows... Seem to be shadows... Nahh, something like this...
    Dec 26, 2014
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