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A Bit of Late Night Thinking

by Mr.RMA

Mr.RMA A short little work that I put together one night back in the fall, completely on impulse. A simple retelling of an ordinary night I had back then that I felt strangely inclined to write about.
My homework is finally done. A quick look at my desktop clock lets me know my procrastination was definitely a factor this evening. It’s past midnight, and I’m still in the library. It’s quiet, as usual, but the darkness from the outside and the relative emptiness of the room I’m in makes it all the more eerie. I push play on my iPhone as I put my computer back in my backpack, the sound of violins emanating from my earbuds, gradually loudening as the song intensifies, but still maintains a very relaxing aura. I look over to the one other person still occupying the room aside from myself. She returns the look for a brief moment at the unexpected sound of my backpack scraping across the table before turning back to her laptop, displaying some sort of word document, but I can’t really make out what it is, though it’s not like it’s even my business anyways. I start walking towards the stairway, passing the shelves of books looming in the dimly lit, iron catacombs of literature that stretched to the other side of the building. I see quite a few strange titles, a number of them catching my interest briefly as I pass them by: leather bound books, comics, and a particularly eye-catching cover of a person’s tongue covered completely in a glittery, ridged gold coating. I find myself narrating what I see in my head as I make these observations, and I don’t know for certain just why, but I continue to silently describe to myself what I’m seeing with my own eyes as I walk down the stairs. A few more students are here in the much more lit portion of the library, but this is to be expected. This is college after all; I’m certainly not the only student with a lot of work to do. As the violins continue to play in my head, I open the doors to the outside, the crisp, chilly night air greeting me as soon as I’m exposed. I close my eyes and grin at the invigorating feeling, opening my arms slightly, as if I could wrap the cold in an embrace. I’ve always loved the cold, and this love was intensified after so many long nights in my dorm room, plagued by the late summer heat. This is one of the nicer changes I’ve experienced recently. I’ve experienced a lot of change these past few months, hell, this whole year really. I have a new home, so do my folks; I’ve got new friends, and though I keep in touch with many of the old, I’ve said my last words to a few others- one in particular, though we weren’t related, was nothing less of an uncle to me. Yeah, not all the changes have had a positive side to them. I don’t think about this for too long as I walk, though, as I’m too caught up in how nice everything looks this evening, watching the bright, pinkish glow of the clock tower as I step onto the moist grass that begins to soak my sandal-covered feet. I cross the street with ease, there being so few cars at this hour, and my dorm gets closer. I decide to take the back door and grab a snack or two from the vending machine before heading upstairs. I’m still narrating in my head, and the violins continue to play as I walk into my dark, quiet room, my roommates already fast asleep. I’m about to follow their lead myself when I stop, and suddenly turn around, going right back out the door, instinctively moving towards the lounge. I sit down on the couch and take out my laptop, putting my music aside. The violins linger in my head for a little while longer, slowly quieting down and falling into place with all the other bits of music always playing away in my brain as I begin to type what I had started thinking about since I left the library. I leave out the title for now, figuring I’d have a better name for my work after I finished, as the words begin to appear on my screen: My homework is finally done...

I finish, think up a title, then I type a little more as I check my phone one more time. The screen is bright for a moment, and then the battery goes dead. The light goes out, the screen goes dark. I sit back and I wonder if there was really any reason to type all of this…Then I remember… I’ve never really needed a reason for this sorta thing, it’s all just on impulse. Perhaps someone will read this, or I’ll tell it to them myself. That’s for later, it doesn’t matter now. I’m just glad I got some more of these pesky words out of my cramped up noggin.