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3 Deaths of Eeveelutions

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 This is about my first Vaporeon,Droplet,Flareon,Flare,and Jolteon,Jolts. This is supposed to be like Vocaloid,in a way,so you can take these lyrics and add some music! You can credit me if you want to.
There once was three pokemon,all were friends,then one by one,
all their lives started to end.
The first one was a Vaporeon,she was kind,then something corrupted her,
and she lost her mind.
She got up high on a building,watching a storm to come,
she was pushed off the building,she fell to the ground,and that was the last anyone saw her from.
Oh great Vaporeon,where did you go?
Droplet my Vaporeon,did fall in the snow?

The second was a Jolteon,standing tall and proud,
but then was wrapped in a shroud!
He didn't know what to do,he wiggled out of it,
but found dirt covering him,being buried alive in a 6 foot pit!
Oh,good-bye my Jolteon,you were great.
Jolts my Jolteon,your name was written in a fate.

The last was Flareon,his spirits were downed,by the death of his friends,
somebody decided to tie his Life Rope's ends.
He found a lake in a forest,and looked at his reflection,
and was pushed in,there to drown in direction!
Oh why Flareon,did you do it?
My Flare,did you fall into Death's Pit?

Their trainer mourned for loss,the life that they played was all gone,
they told their trainer to go on.
But she cried good-bye to them,singing this sad song!
Our dear,dear,trainer,don't you go.
Life is to take step by step,as you know.
Our time is done here,good-bye.
Our time is done here,don't you cry.
[All 3's spirits singing]
Good-bye Cloud,good-bye Sky,good-bye everything that made us fly.
Good-bye Rain,good-bye Fire,we'll be up higher!
Good-bye our dear Trainer Cloud!
{Cloud saying}
My dears,good-bye,you'll never be forgotten,
I'll find the killer for you,because he's been rotten.
  1. AzureEdge
    This is amazing. I'm not good at writing songs, so I can't compare.
    Love the ending!
    Sep 12, 2014