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Gym Leaders Of Terru: 1st Terru Gym Leader: Summer

by The Blue Blur

Terru Summer.png
The Blue Blur This Is A Region I'm Creating Called The Terru Region. I May Write A Story To Go Along With This As Well If Some People Would Like Or If I Just Have Some Free Time To Work On Stories For Fun Or English Essay's Later On. If You Have A Idea You Want Me To Do Just Leave A Comment.

Name: Summer
Gym Location: Sirront City
Pokemon Type: Water
Team: Lv. 10 Azurill
Lv. 13 Corphish
TM: TM18 Rain Dance
Badge: Trickle Badge
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  1. The Blue Blur
    The Blue Blur
    Ok Thanks! Whoops...Totally Forgot About TM and Badge...
    Jan 6, 2015
  2. voidaquariums
    Here's an idea: Deluxe, Amante City, Electric, Level 23 Heliolisk, level 24 Eelektrik, level 27 Luxio. Gives out Thunderbolt and the Storm Badge when defeated. :)
    Jan 6, 2015