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Splatoon In Pokemon: #1: YOUR A KID YOUR A SQUID Your a Blue Dog And A Blue Squid?

by Sylvious

"WOOOOOO!" The Crowd Yelled As Loud As They Can.
"Man. We're popular. Maybe because we beat all the turf wars. And we might win the Splatfest. Sara." Scott Said To Sara.
"Yep. Scott." Sara Said. Sara And Scott Go Out Of The Arena. Greeted By Crusty Sean. "Hey! Hows the turf wars doin! Im rooting for you in the Splatfest!" Sean Said Waving. "Thanks!" Sara And Scott Said Smiling.
Its The Day Of Splatfest For The Inklings. Sara And Scott Go Into A Arena. "Contestants. Sara, Scott, And Sean?!" The Announcer Said. "And.... A... INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! THIS THING IS NOT AN INKLING! RUN!!!!!" The Announcer Says Pointing At A Blue Dog Like Creature. The Crowd Runs Out Of The Arena. But Sara And Scott Did Not. "We are the splat champions. Thats our title. Now. In 3. 2. 1. SHOOT SOME INK!" Scott Said Running At The Creature. "SPLAT!" Scott Yelled. "SPLITSPLATSPLITSPLAT" The Ink Said Repeatedly. But the creature did not go away. "Lucario....." The Creature Said. And A Squid Like Creature Came Out From Behind. "Tentacool." It Said. The Creatures Grabbed Sara And Scott And Disappeared.