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1,000 arms

by stephanie spots

stephanie spots
While Dusk Darkrai and his gang was fighting Mew 2 and King Sneasel's gaurds Selebi (Jpn Celebi ) found a time flower it was Giralina's he touched it it showed Giralina singing a lullaby to a girl with ripped clothes and a skull on her head (Bb)

Here it's safe and here it's warn here the daisies guard you from all harm here your dreams are sweet and tomorrow bring them true here is the place where I love you......
That night Bb dreamed that her father could come back he did but not as she had intended he came back as a shiny unown (E) he had brought 1,000 unown including Xaiver (X) the had attacked 10 villages
The time flower was then showing Mely talking to Mew 2 about something Selebi then realized that he needed to tell Dusk about this
The End my hand hurts now