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The Witnesses

by EnviousWorm

  • EnviousWorm

    Up City Prose by EnviousWorm

    This is part of a shared work with several writers, all based in the same place (Pi City). The Witnesses covers the story of 23 year old college freshman Vassilios "Vassilis" Vonda. Having found himself capable of dying and coming back to life, Vassilis's world has been turned on its head for several years now. Faced with the looming threat of another immortal who goes by the moniker, "The Verse". Vassilis has returned to college -- as much to prepare to face the threat as it is to actually earn a degree.

    Dec 30, 2021 9,216 words 5 Likes
  • EnviousWorm

    The South Slice Slum-Line by EnviousWorm

    V's story continues from "Up City Prose"; having stunned the "Last Sons" gang and dipped his toes into the criminal underworld, V splits time between his mentor - The Chapter - and his roommates, before deciding to check in on Pi City's South Slice District, run by Godfather Gerold "Bald Gerold Garibaldi" -- one of the most dangerous men in the city not named Cornelius "The Bull" Long.

    Jan 2, 2022 4,899 words 2 Likes