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Shiver Star

by Mr.RMA

My Summer Camp 2015 application, a story of... a lot of bad things happening to people... I shouldn't be writing these summaries while devoid of sleep...
  • Mr.RMA

    Shiver Star: Part 1 by Mr.RMA

    Disclaimer: There's some grimdark stuff in this here tale, swears and stuff too. To all those who already understand where this story is going just from the title alone, you deserve many a cookie, but, if you don't well, you will eventually >:D In a city of the future, a factory worker's rather banal job takes a turn for the wrong sort of exciting after an unexpected blackout. #summercamp15

    Aug 21, 2015 6,748 words 2 Likes
  • Mr.RMA

    Shiver Star: Part 2 by Mr.RMA

    Disclaimer: More violence and bad words and stuffs The story of the factory workers in a terribly unfortunate situation is shifted over to the perspective of their most respected and rather intimidating worker in the ranks. She's always seen herself as a leader, but will she be able to lead her crew of survivors through a catastrophe of this magnitude? And for that matter, just who is making things all the more difficult for our small band of workers? #summercamp15

    Aug 22, 2015 7,543 words 2 Likes
  • Mr.RMA

    Shiver Star: Part 3 by Mr.RMA

    Disclaimer... you know the drill by now I'm sure. The final part of this admittedly rather effed up saga is here! The traitor to the factory workers has been revealed and is now holding the remaining survivors at gunpoint as he explains the events that brought him over the edge. Will John, Erica and the rest of the crew make it out with their lives? And even so, is there anything waiting for them at the end of the line? #summercamp15

    Aug 22, 2015 6,145 words 2 Likes