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by NightRaven

  • NightRaven

    The Hidden Darkness (COMPLETE) by NightRaven

    Yes...This is my first story o-o so...yeah.....heh. "Beware of a cat with a heart as black as night..." Raven, a black cat with bright blue eyes, a scar over her left eye and a hidden pair of wings, knows something others may not....powerful she may be...but she knows that darkness is yet to come....and for when it comes...she must know when and how to destroy it....for, if not....the whole forest could be shrouded in darkness within minutes... Raven has the fate of the forest within her paws.............. (P.S the characters in this story are from multiple Roleplays i have been going through cx oh and its a bit short ;-; sorry...and some characters are ones i created..and possibly never used in roleplays...and some are from books/games.) VIOLENCE WARNING: THERE ARE SOME PARTS YOU SHOULD SKIP IF YOU DISLIKE VIOLENCE! THERE WILL BE ALOT OF IT! (I just had to warn you!)

    Aug 30, 2015 2,350 words 1 Like
  • NightRaven

    Darkness rising (Story 2) COMPLETE by NightRaven

    Ah, yes! The second story of the series! I hope you enjoy! Make sure to read the first story before this one, or you won't understand it. (As if it wasn't obvious xD) Link: http://pokecharms.com/works/raven-the-hidden-darkness-complete.12514/ "Beware of a cat that has a heart as black as night..." Raven soon learns of who to avoid; Bramblestorm. She had convinced Stonestar to send him into exile, but that doesn't end him just yet. Bramblestorm is ready to fight for his survival...and wait for one leader to make one mistake... Raven has the fate of forest in her paws....

    Aug 30, 2015 2,974 words 1 Like
  • NightRaven

    Never Ending Shadows (story 3) [COMPLETE!] by NightRaven

    "Beware of a cat with a heart as black as night...for the shadow will only become stronger every moment..." Bramblestorm has become Bramblestar, leader of ShadowClan. Raven and him fought but Raven lost. Will this darkness ever end? Or will Raven find her way to save the forest from living in fear of Bramblestars rule? Raven has the fate of the forest in her paws....

    Oct 4, 2015 1,512 words 1 Like
  • NightRaven

    Shattered Peace (#4) [COMPLETE!] by NightRaven

    (The fourth story in the series...finally.) "A dark day will come...and everything will change..." (A major Gravity Falls reference...except it's worded differently.) Nightstar has finally killed Bramblestar, but a warrior has given out a prophecy. The followers are making their own Clan and are preparing to destroy the forest Clans and change everything as the prophecy has spoken of. Will the forest have only one Clan? Or will Nightstar and the other leaders destroy the Clan and save the forest? (Also, in the allegiances, not all of the warriors are listed. ^^)

    Dec 30, 2015 3,581 words
  • NightRaven

    The Battle for the Forest (#5) [COMPLETE!] by NightRaven

    (This the final story...in the first series! There might be another series later!) "A dark day will come...and everything will change..." The dark day has arrived as foretold...and the battle for the forest has begun! The final battle between the Clans has finally come. ShadowClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and ThunderClan have all formed one Clan to go against The Tribe of Falling Night. Will the forest finally be safe?

    Jan 3, 2016 2,800 words 2 Likes